65+ Popular WordPress blogs to follow in 2024

WordPress looks easy but if you’re planning to use for any professional reason then it takes a good amount of learning. Being an open source platform, one can find hundreds of resources to get helps, tips, and recommendations to ease your WordPress journey.

This long list is all about sharing the top WordPress blogs to follow. I’ve had help from almost all of these blogs from time to time, hence, each of them are my favorites.


In no particular order let’s  explore:


Started in 2009 by Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner has been everyone’s favorite resource for WordPress tutorials, troubleshooting, reviews and news. The platform has thousands of such resources helping beginners to professionals.


Other than the help guides and tutorials, WPExplorer share free themes and plugins to the community along with premium ones.


This have been my go-to-resource for reading thoroughly researched tutorials and guides. Other than English, they have also been publishing guides in French.

WP Superstars

It’s a platform where experts share their leanings and findings, helping out both newbies and professionals.

WP Mayor

Not tech savvy? WPCrafter will help you out from installing to configuring to getting traffic on your WordPress website. They also publish video content and have a popular channel in this niche.

aThemes Blog

Looking to download free themes or get development support? aThemes has been providing these services for years and they also maintain a blog mostly covering the theme side of WP.

WP Doze

Founded by Dragos, WP Doze has been publishing quality in-depth WordPress tutorials for over a decade. He also publish content in the video format on YouTube.


WPblog is a WordPress resource for tutorials, roundup posts, and reviews headed by Moeez.

Tom McFarlin

If you’re a WordPress developer or starting to be one, you should regularly follow what all Tom publishes on his blog.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema is a popular WordPress consultant, offering his premium services through this website. He also publishes free content on the same blog.

Pressidium Blog

Pressidium offers Managed WordPress hosting solution and they also run a blog regularly sharing tips and tricks of the same platform.

WP Eka

From web design to marketing, WP Eka covers a lot of WordPress resources to help you setup a premium looking blog and run it.

AccessPress Themes

This blog covers all the basic configuration of WordPress, it’s themes and plugins. Other than free and premium themes, one can get to read their published guides. They have extensively covered getting started guides.


WPMU DEV offer premium themes and plugins to supercharge a normal WordPress website and they publish regular free content to help out everyone. You should definitely check out their toolkit.

WP Buffs Blog

Beginner specific tutorials and troubleshooting guides is what they publish regularly. They also offer WordPress maintenance and development service.


Looking to start your own blog and be your own boss? ShoutMeLoud is what you should start reading. Started by Harsh Agarwal about a decade ago, ShoutMeLoud has been a popular blog among Indians.

weDevs Blog

Looking for premium content for free and that too straight from popular developers and marketers? Have a look at what weDevs blog offers.


BeginDot is a resource centre for everything one might need to start his/her online entrepreneur journey.

MyThemeShop Blog

MyThemeShop is an old and popular theme and plugin developer and their blog cover a lot about this open-source platform we all love.

Yoast Blog

Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress and they publish SEO and marketing specific content to help you get more traffic on WP website.

Elegant Themes Blog

Ever heard of Divi? Elegant Themes is the developer behind that premium and popular theme and they not only publish Divi tutorials but cover other aspects of WordPress too.


Frip.in focuses on creating in-depth reviews and analysis of WordPress themes and plugins. It was founded by Himanshu Arora, a blogger from New Delhi, India who turned his passion into a full-time job. If you are looking for a plugin or theme for a particular purpose, then you should check out this blog. Also, you will find some great stuff related to WooCommerce plugins too.


Not tech savvy? WPCrafter will help you out from installing to configuring to getting traffic on your WordPress website. They also publish video content and have a popular channel in this niche.

IsItWP Blog

It’s a simple tool to check out whether a website is built using WordPress or not. The editors behind regularly publish guides to help out newbies. They even have a perfectly written launch kit PDF.


A blog by WPEngine, Torque covers general WP tutorials, help resources and all the breaking news happening in the open-source community. They have developers specific tutorials giving them a unique edge.

WP Tavern

Started back in 2008, WP Tavern has managed to setup itself as a go-to-resource for everything related to WordPress. Other than all the tutorials, they have been regularly publishing about the WordCamps and other related events around the globe.


Learn WordPress at lightspeed is what they claim and the amount of tutorials and guides they have covered so far, practically helps them fulfil their claim. They have extensively covered WooCommerce topics which is great if you’re starting an ecommerce.


When it comes to WordPress, WPKube has one of the best beginner tutorials out there. They mostly cover tutorials, sorting out the common issues.


It’s one of unique WP resource you can find, featuring tonnes of helpful resources, presented in a interesting way. It was started back in 2012 and since then, their authors have covered almost everything related to the WP.

WP Shout

If you’re looking for developer specific tutorials and news, WP Shout should be bookmarked in your browser. They also have developer specific courses which can really help you get started.


WPNeon should be your go to resource for learning everything about starting an ecommerce using the available WooCommerce solution.


Other than WordPress developer specific content, you can find marketing and SEO tutorials and tips which will definitely help you get more traffic and conversion.


Heard of Envato? Yes, the premium themes, plugins and other development material store. They even have a dedicated blog sharing tutorials and guides related to web development, WordPress, marketing, etc.


SitePoint has been everyone’s favorite platform to get courses to help them start with their internet based career. The company behind this platform is based out of Australia.


TemplateMonster is one of the oldest WordPress theme developer and MonsterPost is their blog where they regularly share quality tutorials and news related to WP and more.

WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce is the go-to-solution for turning your normal WP site into a fully functional ecommerce. And, they have a dedicated blog, publishing content to help you in that journey.

ManageWP Blog

Looking for a single solution to manage everything about your WordPress blog? ManageWP should be your choice and they also have a up to date blog to further help you start and configure.


It’s a blog sharing mostly the design, UI & UX related resources but they also cover WP.

WP Manage Ninja

Want to learn WP from popular developers? Here is the blog you should follow. You can also have a look at premium plugins they offer to extend WP functionalities further.

Layout by Flywheel

Who else can know in and out of WordPress than a premium web host offering it as a service for years? Layout is a blog by Flywheel.

Dessign Blog

Getting started with WordPress resources is what they mostly publish along with theme tutorials. They have a premium theme portfolio as well.


Bob has been writing a lot of tutorials about WooCommerce and have shared the best of his knowledge of this platform. You can also follow his podcasts for learning via audio format.


Started by Anil Agarwal, BloggersPassion is where he shares his learning of WordPress, it’s plugins, themes and configuration.

MotoPress Blog

MotoPress has been offering premium support and development services for years. They have also maintained a blog, publishing free resources to help us all out.


85Ideas offers free themes for WordPress. They have been sharing compilation of themes and plugins for years along with detailed reviews.


LearnWoo is a premium blog sharing in-depth guides on WooCommerce and related guides.

WP Arena

If you want to learn the marketing side of WordPress blog too, follow WP Arena as they cover marketing topics along with rest of the setup and configuration topics.

Tidy Repo

Tidy Repo is one single platform to read all about WordPress plugins. They regularly publish plugin reviews which is helpful in selecting the right one.

Solvid Blog

Solvid is a digital marketing agency and their blog share a lot of SEO, SMO, and other marketing tips most of which are related to WordPress only.


You’ll fall in love with the unique writing style of this blog. They cover in-depth tutorials and configuration guides of WordPress.

Cats Who Code

As you can understand from the name itself, Cats Who Code is a developer specific blog, sharing comprehensive guides for the developers


Looking to read detailed review about plugins and themes? Check out WPGlossy articles as they mostly focus on putting up reviews.

WP Hive

WordPress is easy but it has a lot to configure. WP Hive mostly publishes guides which help you setup WordPress themes and plugins and fix the most common issues.

Themesgrove Blog

Themesgrove offer free WordPress theme and they also publish quality content to help out newbies.

WP Eagle

WP Eagle has published a lot of text based content to quickly learn in and out of WordPress. Looking for video tutorials? WP Eagle has been covering all common and advanced topics related to WordPress.

Solwin Infotech

They offer development services for WordPress and Magento and also publish free content on their blog.


WooCommerce is their favorite topic as they have extensively written about it but they also cover other common topics related to WordPress.


Started in 2016, WPChime blog has been loved by community members as Mahesh, the founder has regularly shared his knowledge for free.


Interested in learning about available themes and plugins? In this case, WP VILLA should be your choice as they mostly publish content related to these.

Cloudways Blog

Cloudways is a cloud management company and they have covered a lot of topics related to WordPress on their blog. You can read on other topics as well.

Blog Designer Pro

If you want to customize your normal WordPress blog, Blog Designer Pro offers a bunch of themes and layout options. They also have blog section where WordPress related guides are regularly published.

WP Newsify

As you can get it from the name itself, WP Newsify covers news related to WordPress. It’s a single platform to keep yourself up to date.

WordPress Building Blocks

This is another blog I’d recommend if you’re getting started with the WordPress now. They publish guides keeping newbies in mind.

Navin Rao

Navin Rao is a known blogger who has been sharing his WordPress and how to make money online knowledge. You can read all the guides on his blog.

WPAll Club

This blog covers all the basic configuration of WordPress, it’s themes and plugins.

Kinsta Blog

In past couple of years, Kinsta has become everyone’s favorite hosting platform for managed WordPress solution. And, they have been maintaining an up to date blog sharing tutorials you’ll need through your journey further.

More To Explore

If you already have your favorite WordPress blogs list, do share it in the comment section.

Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team
Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team

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