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The Ultimate List of WordPress Statistics (2020 Data, Studies, Facts)

There is no questioning the popularity of WordPress. I’m sure you have already read several articles or blogs that keeps telling how WordPress is the best thing which happened to the internet community and about its staggering success rate. WordPress, which was started on May 27, 2003, is the brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Both gentlemen with this beautiful invention has really taken the blogging world by storm.

Blogging, now no longer remains a hobby for the pursuit of leisurely interest. People have started taking it as a serious profession. And all the credit surely goes to Matt and Mike. With the birth of WordPress, anyone can be a blogger or an amazing web designer creating stunning sites for themselves or their clients.

With all the resources that are available in the WordPress market, you can be the creator of gorgeous and professional looking sites within minutes. That too without the slightest knowledge of codes. Not just this.

If you are creative enough, WordPress can open up to you a range of opportunities, but we already know that! However we are sure, many of you did not know many of the figures and numbers we will be spilling out about WordPress. So without further ado, get ready to have your mind blown. 

WordPress And Different Languages


It’s also super easy to use. In fact. It takes only a few minutes before you can fully localize your WordPress based website from your admin panel.

  • As of now, English continues to be the most dominant of all languages with about 71% of all WordPress sites written in English.
  • This implies that around 29% of WordPress users speak other diverse foreign languages.

30% of Websites are Powered by WordPress as Their Choice of CMS

Around 48% of the internet still doesn’t depend on a CMS. And the remaining 21% of the sites use other CMS like Drupal, Joomla etc. This makes WordPress, by far, the most popular CMS in the market.

WordPress also has a market share of 59.9% among all content management systems.

  • Over 75 million active users using WordPress.

All The Activity Relating to WordPress


As you can see, there are a lot of people inquiring about WordPress. This ultimately begs the question, what do they all want?

Apart from this, other activities would include:

WordPress Owners and Founders:


We have already mentioned the names of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little – the creators of WordPress. But it is worth noting that they are not the owners of WordPress. In fact, WordPress has no owner since it is open-source.

What is even more surprising is that all these people are spread across the entire globe, and they come together to collaborate and provide to us this excellent piece of free software.

WordPress Security


This kind of popularity does attract the attention of people with malicious intent. So does, WordPress have the necessary back up to fight off security threats? And what kind of security threats does it receive in the first place?



WooCommerce – A WordPress plugin for e-commerce powers 28% of all online stores. It has been downloaded a total of 46,361,422 times.

The Large WordPress Community


The WordPress community is unimaginably widespread and active all over the world.



WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress – ranging from beginner plugins, theme development, advanced techniques to security. These meetings are informal and generally community-organized events for WordPress enthusiasts. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

Just for Fun Fact

Do you know that these number means? In plain terms, the number of WordPress users rivals the entire population of Turkey! WOW!

If you want these figures in numbers, and not percentage then it will look like this:

And in reference to the million top websites on the web, around 258,461 uses WordPress.

WordPress and Google Searches


As we just laid out, the vast community that surrounds WordPress. It has an active base of users, contributors, developers, and so on. And naturally, all these people are going to be searching online about their favorite CMS. But how much do they search?

WordPress Third Party-Developers


Besides the founders of WordPress and the people who use the CMS, there is also a legion of active developers creating a countless number of plugins and themes to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the platform.

There are also plenty of WordPress developers who take in clients requests to create a WordPress website out from scratch.

Freelance Work:

WordPress Development


WordPress has released 32 major versions since its debut in 2003. On an average, it is safe to say that WordPress releases its latest version almost every 152 days.

Now, that is some hard work folks! Just think –  

Out of all the WordPress websites that are in existence today, nearly 81% of them are using WordPress 4.x while just around 18% are running with the previous iterations. 5

The Swag of WordPress

So what is your opinion on WordPress now? Are you turning into a hardcore fan. If so, then why not consider buying some WordPress merchandise.

Believe it or not, there is an official WordPress Swag Store so that all you WordPress fanatics out there can wear their WordPress love with pride. This official store sells hoodies and t-shirts and also has a rotating line of products.

The revenue generated from these sales goes towards the cost of providing free swag to WordCamps and WordPress meetups around the world.

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Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team
Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team

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