We have built our unique scoring algorithm(FindrScore) which helps determine the best product for a particular category.

The algorithm gathers user reviews, votes given, social sharing signal on site, the age of the product in relation to the category, user behavior, users location and calculates a satisfaction rating based on what people think about the product. This provides you with a transparent and reliable method to easily compare customer experience on our platform. Here’s how the algorithm works:

→ A user can vote a product up/down but will not be able to re-vote a list item for next 24 hours.

→ We track when a user shares a product and also monitor the visits it receives in result of that initial share.

→ All reviews are gathered into a database of opinions about the product.

→ Scores decay due to the age of reviews and time attachment.

→ We calculate a score in relation to the time a product is first listed in a category divided by the overall score to ensure a fair system to identify rising stars.

→ Each interaction onsite is also given a score related to the product.

→  We also take the user location into account to give a more localize recommendation.