What WordPress theme is that website using?


Our Theme Detector Tool will help you find out the theme a particular WordPress website is using, including theme name, author and URL just paste the URL into the search box and hit enter!

Have you ever visited a site and thought wow, I would sure like to create a site like this?

Chances are they are using a theme with a nicely designed template.The days of forking out thousands to a designer are over. You can quickly find out what theme they are using in seconds! 

And with a click of a button you can download the exact theme, they are using our advanced WordPress theme detection tool.

Please note in some cases where the theme is heavily modified we won't be able to return the theme the website is using because of the theme as essentially become custom.

In these circumstances, you can browse our platform of over a thousand high-quality themes reviewed and recommend by users like you.

Lastly all the best :)

P.S. if you haven't sorted your hosting see this study.

P.S.S. Current our theme dection tool only supports WordPress powered sites but we have plans to expand to wix,squarespace,weebly,jimdo and plugns