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We bring to you in this post graphic designer statistics report for 2020 so that you can examine how this industry can impact your career and life in today’s competitive age. 


Some Quick Facts:
Pay Scale since 2012$44,150 per year   $21.22 per hour
Entry-Level EducationBachelor’s degree
Jobs Availability Since 2012259,500
Career Outlook – 2012, 20227% (less than usual)
Change of Employment



Some Quick Facts:
  • 60.8% of marketers claim that visual is an integral part of marketing
  • 67% of small businesses are willing to pay $500 for a logo.
  • On average people retain 65% of information viewed we paired with an image.
  • 94% of customers will leave a website with poor graphic design
  • Research shows that it only takes 50 milliseconds to assess a website’s visual appeal
  • The current market for graphic design is worth $15 billion in the United States alone. 
  • Logo designing and branding accounts for around $3 billion of that market.
  • There are approximately 172,081 graphic designers working for businesses in an industry with about 3.6 percent annual growth.
  • Career Outlook – 2012, 2022
7% (less than usual)

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

The major set of skills or work which graphic designers do lies with everything that is associated with visual concepts, either by using their hands or with the help of computer software’s, graphic designers find several means to communicate ideas and inform, inspire, or grab the attention of customers and other audiences alike. In campaigns such as those of advertisements, graphic designers play a key role since they develop all the visual appearance of magazines, brochures, and several types of marketing reports. Below are defined some of the key duties step by step which a graphic designer normally does.

Basic Responsibilities:

In a general sense, most of the graphic designers are responsible for these following duties:

  • Meeting with the art director or clients to strategize the credentials of the project
  • Graphic designers have to assist clients in making visual policies actually to find way towards designated audience
  • Examining the message the design will depict
  • Crafting such pictures or images that convey some message, service, or to classify a product
  • Building visual graphics for websites, logos, images, pictures, and or product artworks
  • Choosing the styles of text, colors, pictures, and building the graphical architecture
  • Presenting the finalized project to the art director and or clients directly
  • Making certain amendments required by the clients before final approval
  • Carefully re-evaluating designs or graphics before publishing or printing them

Along with these major attributes associated with a graphic designer’s job, they additionally utilize technology and skillfully combine the arts with it to convey new ideas, graphical structures, layouts for the websites and advertisement printing through the use of images and or other visual multimedia. Graphic designers are capable of using a multitude of means to attain unique and creative decorative and artistic effects with their work.

The working scope of graphic designers lies both on images and text editing. This means that they can choose font, size, type, headings, length of the text, and can even create their own texts. The combination of the text and graphics also lies under the responsibility of a graphic designer as they will set up the tone of how they should be presented either on a website or print, as well as handling the space allocation too.


As it is mentioned in a variety of places in this stats, graphic designing is the core of advertisement worldwide, and no advertisement campaign can be successful without employing the services of high-quality graphic designers. It is right in the hands of a graphic designer to create highly remarkable ad components such as logos and brochures. So, due to this reason, graphic designers are also referred to as graphic artists or communique designers since they work closely with people in the promotional, commercial, marketing, and public relations sectors.

Working Environment:

Since 2012, graphic designers have held almost 259,500 jobs in Americas. Below are some of the notable industries that have a higher percentage of graphic designing employments since 2012:

Exclusive designing services10
Papers, publishers, books, and online directories 9
Media outlets, public service, and related sectors8
Wholesale Industry5


The standard working environment for graphic designers is a studio where they have easy access to computers, crafting tables, and related software’s to build their designs and visual works. However, since the notable rise in freelancing, many graphic designers have gone solo and prefer to work at their own pace and convenience for a variety of projects globally. Some of the graphic designers telecommunication as well as others work in a collaborative environment with colleagues on several projects for an assortment of clients around the world.

Pay Scale Of A Graphic Designer:

Since 2012, the minimal annual wages graphic designers are earning is around $44, 150 and it is continuously elevating year by year as the competition in the professional market gets tougher. There is a serious wage difference between designers of dissimilar qualities as the lowest 10% earning lesser then $26, 250 while the top 10% designers have come down to earn more than $77, 490 in a median year.

Most of the graphic designers in 2015 have been working in full-time, but with altering routines which solely depends upon deadlines and assignments. However, coming right down from 2012 to 2015, popularity of freelancing stations have attracted most of the graphic designers who now have become self-employed.


Most of those graphic designers who work as self-employed might have fluctuating work adjustments to cope with the requirements of their clients either by day or night time. Moreover, they might look for more projects and the competition with the others graphic designers keep this industry alive.

Career Outlook:

It is projected that the industry of graphic designing will continuously grow 7% more from 2015 to 2022, which is a slightly below average progress as compared to all other professions. Nevertheless, graphic designers will be among the chief baits for most of the crucial roles in the marketing sector. This change is due because of the alteration of industry for graphic designing. The major turnover will possibly happen for graphic designers in the publishing, newspaper, and book sector, where a 16& decline is projected from 2015 to 2022.

But on the other hand, there will be a substantial rise in the employment of graphic designers in computer related designing and other electronic media fields for up to 35% in the years above. Each year there is augmented use of the internet is being recorded worldwide, and exactly this will also be a pleasing factor for all graphic designers as there will be more and more designs and visual concepts needed to be developed to meet the higher rush at the user-end.

Also, the success of portable devices like smartphones, iPods, IPad’s, and IPhone’s will end up tempting marketers, and business owners reach out to their prospective audience in a visually appealing style on that platform with the help of graphic designers.

On the future job prospects, it is believed that graphic designers will face a very strong competition for valid positions and this is because a lot of god-gifted talent is attracted to this field of graphic designing. According to stats, the job prospects are much better for those who have associations with a lot of types of multi-media productions, like printing and websites.

Employment projections data for graphic designers, 2012-22 
Occupational TitleSOC CodeJobs
Projected Jobs 2022Change 2012-22Employment by Industry 
Graphic designers27-1024259,500276,900717,400[XLS]  
SOURCE: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 


Additional Info:

Here are some other valuable resources you can use to learn more about graphic design, its stats, and the potential futuristic perspective of this industry.

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Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team
Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team

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