31% of all the websites on the World Wide Web uses WordPress. That’s a lot! And considering all the customization options and functionalities that WordPress brings to the table, this number isn’t all that confusing.

However suspicious minds never refrain from asking further questions. For example, “what is the percentage of high-quality websites using WordPress?” and “Are there any big brands who relies on WordPress?” Well, to answer, let us say that even some of the Fortune 500 companies have their websites built with the popular CMS.

1. Open Source Software

WordPress is a non-proprietary piece of free software which anyone can use, and to which any developer can contribute. And so, instead of being updated and developed by a single team, WordPress get the attention of a global collection of talented developers.

In fact, the WordPress community of developer is probably the most diverse and large community on the internet. This makes WordPress much more secure, guarantees timely updates, and promises a higher quality of development.

Also, thanks to so many developers surrounding the WordPress ecosystem, the CMS is blessed with a barrage of third-party plugins and themes which can help expand the functionalities of the platform to a whole new level.

2. Blogging Made Easy

WordPress revolutionized the internet by making blog/content management as simple as possible. Without any coding know-how, you will be able to use WordPress to maintain your blog.

And as any expert will tell you, with the internet content is king. Hence the ability to easily publish, create, and modify content provides an extreme advantage in maintaining and growing your online presence.

And it is not just text either. WordPress can also help you manage multimedia content such as images, videos, and graphics as well. There are options to help you to easily add or edit your content with a couple of simple clicks.

3. Mobile Friendliness

Most of the people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. Hence businesses have to make sure that their websites deliver a UI suited for the small screen sizes on mobiles. This is called having a responsive or mobile-friendly website.

Luckily, WordPress supports a responsive grid system, which you can utilize to create a site that looks good both on large as well as small displays. All you need to do is install a good responsive theme, and you are good to go.

4. The SEO Advantage

WordPress websites are known to have better SEO performance. First of all, the main source code is optimized to abide by Google’s SEO standards. On top of that, every blog or website you create with WordPress can be tweaked to have better SEO performances.

For example, it is super easy to add meta tags to all the content on your WordPress website. Adding alternative texts to help improve your SERPs.

Apart from this, all other best practices for SEO can be easily implemented by installing plugins. Without a single line of coding work, you will be able to get your site SEO ready and start ranking with ease.

List of Big Brands Using WordPress

Home Depot
Chicago Sun Times
Laughing Squid
The New Yorker
Facebook Newsroom
MTV News
Bloomberg Professional
The Rolling Stones

Were You Amazed With The Names You Saw?

As you can clearly see, well-known brands make use of WordPress to power their official business websites. This clearly goes to show you the viability of the CMS as a powerful professional software.

So, were you amazed at some of the names you saw on this list? Do let us know which of these brands you never expected to be here. Now clearly this is not the full list of all the international brands using WordPress. Hence, if you are in the knowledge of other

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Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team
Researched by Brian and SaaS Scout team

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