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Crowdfire Reviews: Pricing and Features

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Features & Functionality
Industry avg 5.68
Ease of use
Industry avg 5.68
Value for money
Industry avg 5.64
Customer Support
Industry avg 5.64
Best For:
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost software
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Manage by : Brian | Category : Social Media Marketing Software ,  | The score for this software has not changed over the past month.

Editors note – This review has been created by looking at 2356 datapoints and the opinions of actual users of the software and the company representative. Crowdfire as a FindrScore of 65 which is in the top quadrant in this segment.It’s also priced reasonably with the occasional promotions. Many users on our platform to express great satisfaction in the service provided overall. If you are not tech-savvy then you will be pleased to know Crowdfire is fair easy to grasp.

Pros & Cons

8 Reasons to buy

  • Compared to others the price is reasonable
  • Offers free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Great features list
  • Category leader in Social Media Management Tools
  • A contender in Social Media Automation Tools
  • Best for Customer support
  • Best for Ease of use
  • Best for Low cost software

4 Reasons not to buy

  • Support only includes emails
  • Content Curation feature has been rated 100% below industry average
  • Schedule Content feature has been rated 83% below industry average
  • Custom Posting times feature has been rated 100% below industry average

Crowdfire Pricing Overview

  • $9.99 / 
  • Freemium, Subscription
    • Free: 10 scheduled posts per account, Supports four social networks and one linked account per social network.
    • Plus: $9.99/mo.($7.48/mo. If bought annually,) 100 scheduled posts per account, supports five social networks and two linked account per social network.
    • Premium: $49.99/mo.($37.48/mo. If bought annually), everything that the plus has to offer plus more social network support and five linked account per social network
    • VIP: $99.99/mo.($74.98/mo. If bought annually), everything that the Premium plan has to offer plus 20 accounts per social network. VIP also provides priority support.
Pricing ModelOpen Source -1%Subscription 62%Freemium 31%One-time License 8%Promotional Offers0% Free Trials 70%

That is the average price for a solution in this field and Crowdfire is on the lower end so price wise it’s a great offer.

low Mid High
After analyzing 7similar solutions the data above show that Blog2Social offers the lowesest starting price while Social Animal offers the highest entry price.That being said is also worthtaking a closer look at whats on offer because sometimes you may get way more value for a solution with a higher entry price and vise versa

Key Features

When looking at a solution like Crowdfire, users on our platform are wanting these top three features Schedule Content,Instagram Supported,Track Engagement Metrics. Below you will find some of the top feature highlights of Crowdfire ranked and rated by your peers.
Content Curation {{ ContentxCuration.status}}
Schedule Content {{ SchedulexContent.status}}
Custom Posting times {{ CustomxPostingxtimes.status}}
Automatic Posting times {{ AutomaticxPostingxtimes.status}}
Queue Manager {{ QueuexManager.status}}
Unfollow inactive accounts {{ Unfollowxinactivexaccounts.status}}
Monitor competitor followers {{ Monitorxcompetitorxfollowers.status}}
Track non-followers {{ Trackxnonxfollowers.status}}
Track Engagement Metrics {{ TrackxEngagementxMetrics.status}}
Advanced Analytics {{ AdvancedxAnalytics.status}}
Track social mentions {{ Trackxsocialxmentions.status}}
Twitter Supported {{ TwitterxSupported.status}}
FaceBook Supported {{ FaceBookxSupported.status}}
LinkedIn Supported {{ LinkedInxSupported.status}}
Pinterest Supported {{ PinterestxSupported.status}}
Instagram Supported {{ InstagramxSupported.status}}
Does Crowdfire offer Google My Business Supported feature?

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