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24 Best WangGuard Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software (2021)

Looking for the best alternatives to WangGuard in 2021? That is competitive on price, easy to use, better support or a more complete solution?

Great, because today will look at the best alternatives worth considering.

In this article, we are going to look at the best matched WangGuard replacements side by side based on our community recommendations in your industry.

Leverage the power of the crowd and discover useful and reliable WangGuard competitors.

Whilst WangGuard as a track record on our system of having great support the same can not be said about the certain features on offer according to our users.

There are certain flaws that might send you on a long journey, looking for its alternative.

Luckily, WangGuard is not your only choice for BuddyPress Plugin. These days, you have plenty of options on the market. That might even be a better fit for you,some of the best alternatives WangGuard are actually free!

Before we get to the list of similar solutions, looking at the data gathered on our platform our users love item for:
For their top-notch customer support.

Now let's have a look at a few of their lowest-rated features:

  • ->Lack of features compared to other solution in this category

Cost of WangGuard

Starting From: $/

Pricing Model: Freemium, Subscription

Free Trial: Not Available

Promotional Offer: View offers on similar solutions

When looking for a solution like WangGuard, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0 - $39 ( Subscription)

Top Alternative to WangGuard

  • Advanced Poll for WordPress
  • Responsive Poll
  • BuddyPress Default Data
  • TotalPoll Pro
  • UserPro
  • BuddyPress Member Types
  • rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Social SEO booster
  • ProfilePress

If you have used WangGuard, what's your primary reason for leaving?
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24 Best Alternatives to WangGuard

Advanced Poll for WordPress

One Time License

Advanced poll for WordPress as the name suggests is a plugin which you can use gather feedback from your visitors on things such... Download/Demo Read Review

Responsive Poll

One Time License

Let's start the compilation with one of the most interactive plugins out there It packs seven different animated chart types... Download/Demo Read Review

BuddyPress Default Data

Open Source

Before we can begin a new website, especially the one with lots of user registration and community activities, every... Download/Demo Read Review

TotalPoll Pro

One Time License

Now, if you are not looking for any sort of limitations, rather want to implement everything into the website, then check out... Download/Demo Read Review


One Time License

Starting with a premium plugin which is currently trending on the platform like CodeCanyon, was the easiest choice for me, and... Download/Demo Read Review

BuddyPress Member Types


If you have a lot of users registered and want to divide them as per their roles, then use this plugin to make that happen It can... Download/Demo Read Review

rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress


Allowing users to upload images and add them to their respective profiles is one simple way to make the community interesting To... Download/Demo Read Review

Yoast SEO


Over a million WordPress users use Yoast WordPress SEO plugins which is by far the most popular and most robust plugin out there... Download/Demo Read Review

WP Social SEO booster


WP Social SEO booster is a plugin which is aimed to boost your social signals and Knowledge Graph in the major search engines It... Download/Demo Read Review



Do you want to create a custom login or registration forms for your WordPress site Want to customize the profile page If you... Download/Demo Read Review

Hide My WP

One Time License

The immense popularity of WordPress is the number reason to why WordPress site gets targeted so much You can change by hiding the... Download/Demo Read Review

Monarch Plugin


Monarch is an incredible WordPress social media plugin that is loved by many because it consists of over 20 social sharing... Download/Demo Read Review

Surveys by IgniteFeedback


This is my last recommendation which comes at a price but you can begin with its free trial version initially The trial version... Download/Demo Read Review

WP Rocket


Featuring very simple setting options, WP Rocker is my pick for the best caching plugin The advanced compression technologies... Download/Demo Read Review

WP File Download


The default WordPress setup features file management for images and videos only Rest of the files are not that supported Today,... Download/Demo Read Review

WP Media Folder


In this detailed plugin review, let’s find if the search for the best WordPress media manager plugin ends at WP Media Folder... Download/Demo Read Review

Amazon Auto Links

Open Source

As you can get it from its name, it’s a simple product that can be used to create automatic links to products you’re... Download/Demo Read Review

WP Smush


Even a single image in a post can increase the page load time by a big margin, considering the text part of a content doesn't... Download/Demo Read Review

WordPress Backup to Dropbox


If you’re looking for the backup application for Dropbox but don't have a budget to buy a premium plugin, then consider this... Download/Demo Read Review

Surveys by Feedback Cat

Open Source

We are here as we wish to gather a proper feedback, and to make it possible, consider checking this free plugin It holds specific... Download/Demo Read Review

SoftwareFindr Radar

The SoftwareFindr Radar compares all solutions on our platform in your chosen category and tries to segment them to give you a visual representation of the market. All the solutions are compared two-dimensionally which takes into account their FindrScore which is given based on numerous data points and research frequency. The average FindrScore for products like WangGuard is 88 which we've used as a threshold to only show the top 10 solutions.

The SoftwareFindr Radar compares all solutions on our platform in your chosen category and tries to segment them to give you a visual representation of the market. All the solutions are compared two-dimensionally which takes into account their FindrScore which is given based on numerous data points and research frequency. The average FindrScore for products like WangGuard is 48 which we've used as a threshold to only show the top 10 solutions.

64 FS

74 FS

44 FS

68 FS

64 FS

63 FS

57 FS

75 FS

46 FS

60 FS

Starting Price $17 $26
Value for money 7/10 6.4/10 6/10 6.2/10 6.4/10 6/10 6.2/10 9/10 5.6/10 6.6/10
Quality of features score 6/10 6/10 4.6/10 6.2/10 6/10 7/10 6/10 9/10 6/10 6.6/10
Usability and Intuitiveness 7/10 6/10 6.6/10 6.2/10 6/10 7/10 6.2/10 9/10 6/10 6.6/10
Vendor Support 9/10 7/10 7/10 6.6/10 7/10 9/10 6.4/10 9/10 6.4/10 7/10
Likelihood of recommending 100 %
The reason for leaving functionality cost architecture
Segmented list

Powerful analysis

Visual Builder

Multi Page support

Mobile Friendly


Multiple Languages


User Analysis

Embed Mode


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Advanced Poll for WordPress better than WangGuard ?

Ans. This is a tricky question as it all depends on your needs, but Advanced Poll for WordPress as a higher FindScore than wangguard which factors in many data points.Have a closer look to see why? .

Q. Is there a free version of WangGuard?

Ans. If you are looking for a free alternative to WangGuard, then rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress might be a good fit.

Q. Who are WangGuard 's competitors?

Ans. Typically when users are looking at WangGuard they also look at these competitors Advanced Poll for WordPress , Responsive Poll and BuddyPress Default Data.

Q. Is WangGuard a good BuddyPress Plugin?

Ans. When it comes to BuddyPress Plugin, WangGuard is ranked 18 out of 23 in that category according to 2942 voters.

Q. What is a cheaper alternative to WangGuard?

Ans. Currently wangguard is well priced on the market but here are a few similar solutions to consider you can try There is no cheaper alternative for wangguard .

Q. WangGuard alternative for beginners?

Ans. If you are after a more user-friendly alternative to wangguard then you might want to consider Advanced Poll for WordPress or BuddyPress Default Data which as a higher ease of use rating than wangguard. .

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