As we all know that there are hundreds of fonts available today for various uses and everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to using fonts in graphics designing, but I am specifically pointing out today the 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today in the graphic designing industry. These 7 font types are at the core of many experienced and highly reputable graphic designers list as they are being used in almost numerous types of professional brand marketing and visual advertising campaigns. It is not obligatory that you might agree with these font types as the best (everyone has their preference) but certainly, you can’t ignore them as you will find many useful aspects of using these fonts in your graphic design projects. So, let us explore what these 7 best font types are.

7 Best Font Types Professional Graphic Designers Use Today

Font Type # 1: Garamond

The first in my pick of 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today, Garamond obviously ranks on the top. This font type was first released in 1989 and the most used variety today is Adobe Garamond font. The quality of Garamond font is that you can find several varieties fitting into one category of Garamond. The font is basically used in magazines, long-bodied texts, textbooks, and several other printing materials. Garamond has been regarded highly for its diversity among the font library exists today and it was recently rewarded as the best font by a German publishing house after Helvetica font, another very classic font type.

Font Type # 2: Frutiger

Frutiger font is one of those among 7 best font types professional graphics designers use today which is constructed in such a way that each character is fully recognizable and clear. Its structure is neither fully geometric nor humanistic. With these qualities, Frutiger is one so far the most likely choice for signage or display works used in appointing cards or even for web 2.0 logos printing. Frutiger font is also a very appreciative content for publishing in booklets & magazines for its clarity and individuality.

Font Type # 3: Helvetica

Helvetica (like a name of Greek Goddess) is among one of the most used font type among the 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today in the designing sector. Even the amateur ones begin their journey mostly by using Helvetica font for their projects. There are however very mixed reactions from the graphic designing comm8unity globally about the impact of this font but nevertheless, no one can ignore its importance.

Font Type # 4: Bodoni

Bodoni comes as a great font innovation for graphic designers who design such projects which includes creating decorative texts, headlines, and logos. Bodoni’s structure allows creative designers to use it for a variety of unique contexts. Its unbracketed serif in its underlying flat architecture gives the character a diversity and freedom of full expression. Plus, you can add a bit of decoration to the headlines created by Bodoni font to show creative sparks in your finished product. Bodoni is indeed a useful font type when it comes to some serious work.

Font Type # 5: Trajan

You might have seen this font so many times in movie posters, historical contexts, religion, law, class, and many other regular aspects of life but didn’t know its name. Well yes, the font type Trajan is the most used font in these circulars and Trajan exactly brings a classical sensation to whatever printing it is applied to. The font is built on Roman square capitals and if also the founder of the Typeface type. Trajan was first introduced in 1989 by Carol Twombly for Adobe Inc.

Font Type # 6: Futura

Among the 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today Futura rules the realm of large displays, logos, books, and commercial materials. What this means that Futura is a font type that is largely used for professional means. Futura’s structure is built on geometric patterned shapes like triangles, squares, and perfect circles. These are also the basic elements of Bauhaus style in graphic designing for 19191933. With Futura font, you can achieve an extreme efficacy and eloquence in your finished work which could mostly be an admirable specimen of creative designing.

Font Type # 7: Bickham Script Pro

The last among my pick of 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today is a font that is highly regarded when it ever comes to showcase formal occasions. The Bickham Script Pro font has a reputation about which a notable graphic designer once said: “A font type for which you will never be fired.” Bickham Script pro can be used for invitational cards, event broachers, seasonal activity pamphlets and many more.

So, this ends the story of 7 best font types professional graphic designers use today. While I don’t assume that you will like any or all of them in your personal preference but I also do not have a reason to believe why you don’t? Since these fonts are currently in the trends and used far and wide, you should better employ a few ones you like among them or any single and see how it goes for your own designing project.

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